Life VS Death – It’s Your Choice

Have you ever known a person that every time you spoke to them something was ALWAYS wrong? Nothing is ever going right in their lives. It could be a bright, sunny, beautiful day. Not too hot with a cool breeze blowing through that person’s hair as the birds sing beautiful praises that specifically lands upon their ears. Random people taking the time to tell them how nice they look in that outfit. One of the best days that you could ever imagine. But all this person can think about is how the sun is making them sweaty or the wind is messing up their hair. The birds are singing too loud and how much they hated that outfit when they got dressed that morning. Just a complete negative person. Too drowned in their sorrows to recognize the little things right in front of them that they are completely taking for granted. These type of people can really drain you. It’s like a contagious virus that you can’t avoid. You could be having a great time and your phone will begin to ring and once you see that name pop up, everything within drops deep down into your stomach because you already know what is to come of that conversation. It could be the pity party as they spend hours with sad sap stories of things that they have deliberately taken themselves through repeatedly. Or the misery company convo when they try to pry into your life to see if anything negative is going on with you just to make themselves feel better. This person you just can’t seem to find the answers to help them. Well, the truth is, there really isn’t anything that you can do. I must confess that I have found myself to be that person that I speak of and I know a lot of you are this person as well. So what do you do to change this? The answer is within yourself. You have to make a choice. Do you want to live or walk around in death. Life is interesting. Everyday that you open your eyes you are given a new opportunity to explore and expand to new horizons. People are still dying everyday and the ages are getting younger and younger but you made it to enjoy one more day. But we choose to dwell on the trials of yesterday. I know that those problems can bring you down but you can’t stay there. You have to make a choice to be happy. Remember those issues you faced 5 years ago? (Probably 2 weeks ago…lol) Didn’t you make it to today? That should be enough to make you realize that troubles don’t last always. It makes no sense to to choose death when choosing life will make getting through much easier. Depression…anxiety….worrying….fear….these are death diseases. Why send yourself to an early grave when you can just enjoy life? A few months ago I made the decision to move me and my daughter 2 and a half hours away from my entire family to pursue my dream job. I took a leap of faith and it seemed that when I made this choice everything in my life began to crumble. My daughter and I became very sick with a cough that lasted for months. I took the job for better pay and it appeared that I was making more money staying at my job back home. We became homesick. I didn’t want to explore my new home. My daughter missed her friends. I couldn’t get settled in and get comfortable. At times I didn’t even know how I was going to maintain. I started to regret this whole thing but I was reminded that there was a time that I wanted a nice home in a quiet area with all the rooms upstairs and 2 bathrooms. I looked around and it hit me that I have it now. My daughter has always wanted a swimming pool and guess what? We have access to one now. I’ve wanted to work for this company for years and you know what? I got that job. Has it been a rocky road to get here? Of course! The point I want you to realize is if you take a moment and look around you will realize your blessings in the midst of your trouble. These things may not seem like much to you but I am grateful because I know there is so much more to come. I challenge you to start everyday telling yourself “I CHOOSE LIFE!!!!”

– Peace

Krissy G


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