Don’t Hate on My Chocolate!!!!

So I was scrolling along on Facebook and I came across a post that said “Only black people act like ‘light skinned’ and ‘dark skinned’ are two different races.” This caused a chuckle because of how true this is. Now we have come a long way but it still saddens me because even with the journey we still have a long way to go. This post encouraged me to share my testimony. When I was a little girl I loved watching Full House and Barbies. I thought DJ Tanner was so beautiful and my Barbie was my own personal DJ. I would dream of being her and living in that big lovely house with gorgeous hair. The only issue is when I had these visions, I would only see myself as this pretty little white girl and when I would wake up to look in the mirror, there I was, the same black little girl. This would disappointment me everytime. As I grew older to my pre-teen approaching teenage years a lot of my friends were lighter than me and I always felt that I wasn’t enough to be with them. This showed in my attitude and the way I carried myself. All the boys flocked to them leading me to think I was never pretty enough. One day I was with some friends and a boy had the nerve to say in front of me that he never thought dark skins girl were pretty. The lighter the better but I was alright to be dark skinned. This almost destroyed me but then I realized something in that moment. All of my friends who were getting these guys always complained about these guys. They turned out to be complete idiots!!!! I learned from that day forward that those type of boys opinions didn’t matter to me or anyone’s for that matter. I started to really check myself out in the mirror and really look at myself and I discovered that I was actually kind of bomb!!!! A little chubby (I actually was OK but to me at the time I thought I was chubby but we’ll touch on that in another blog….) but I was able to see I wasn’t as bad as I thought. I still secretly wished I was a little lighter but oh well. As I continued to get older I started to fall more in love with my tone because it was who I was. I no longer allowed others to make me feel liked I should feel some type of way because I didn’t match the girls on the TV screen. Now that I’ve grown I have fallen completely in love with my melanin!!! Lol! I love seeing how much more the chocolate sisters are getting more love. Now I’m not saying to start hating my yellow girls but just to recognize that it’s such a wide variety and we are cute too. I now dream of the day that we get more love on tv. To be major in this world you either have to be high yellow with curly hair or weave or complete afro-centric with afros. I love the selections but we are much more complex than this. Don’t get rid of who we have. Just move over a little bit and make some room because we are here and will make a statement with or without your acceptance. Don’t hate on my chocolate!!!!!

– Krissy G


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