Manifesting Your Destiny

Manifestation ….what is it? Does it really work? How do you do it? For some, manifesting isn’t something new. To sum it up, whatever you put in the atmosphere is bound to happen. People say to be careful what you speak into existence because the tongue is a powerful weapon. If I could just be honest, it seems that when you speak negative those things seem to manifest at a swifter pace than the positives lol! I know it can be hard but I am a true believer that you are what you attract. It’s all about the type of energy you put out and the things you put in to your conscious and subconscious mind. Whatever your goal may be whether it’s to lose weight, a dream job, quit smoking, etc. can be accomplished by doing this. Below I will list some of my tips that have worked for me but feel free to do what works for you.



I know…I know….who really has time to do this? Trust me I get it. But there are so many ways to do this. You could go the old fashion route and buy a poster board and flip through magazines and cut and paste your goals all over the board and blah, blah, blah, but like I said who really has time for this? If you do there are several examples that you can search on Google or YouTube. I chose an easy alternative that you can take everywhere with you. My Cell Phone Lock Screen and Wallpaper (Partly pictured below). There are plenty of collage apps available in the Google Play and Apple store. I downloaded different pics representing my goals and aspirations and created a huge collage. Now I have it saved to my lock screen and wallpaper, that way every time I pick up my phone, which is quite often, I am always focusing on my vision board. A plus is I can send this pic to my email and have it on my screen at work or any of my other devices as well so its always with me.

Collage 2016-01-28 23_45_57











Ok, hear me out. Do you know how much we are subliminally influenced on a daily? Way too many to count. Have you ever been watching tv or listening to the radio and would get random cravings out of nowhere. Sometimes these things aren’t as random as you think. There’s plenty of info about subliminal advertising on Google and YouTube as well so I’m not going to waste time getting into the back drop. There are different ways to do this. If you are on a budget you can actually take time and record yourself saying your goals on your phone, repeating them over and over a few times. Be sure to save the recording. Another option, which is the one I use, is to download recordings from . You do have to pay for these but they’re not that expensive. I put all of my tracks in a playlist. Now for the professional meditators that know how to completely shut off their minds and not think about anything you can listen to this during your meditation. For me, unfortunately, my mind runs a million miles per minute so this will not work so I choose to have mine play while I sleep. If you decided to record yours on your own then you should play it at a low volume and have subtle music playing with it at a higher volume to where you can barely hear the recording.



In the morning before you get your day started take sometime to recite your goals out loud. Listen to positive, inspiring music. Speak out some of you favorite quotes of inspiration. Simple right?

When you do all of these things, don’t expect to just wake up skinny one day because you have weight loss on you vision board and you listened to subliminal messages telling you to lose weight. That’s not how this works. What this does is reprogram your mind to help to stay focused on your goals pushing you to work towards them. If one of my dreams is to travel the world and I constantly fill myself with this energy I will be more determined to figure out how to travel. Manifesting gives you that extra boost. By constantly seeing something along with having it embedded in your subconscious while speaking it out consciously, you will be more in tune with your plans thus manifesting your destiny. I’m not sure what you believe but I feel that God gives us power to achieve our desires and I’m going to use that power. Keep manifesting and keep working towards your dreams. Faith without works is dead.

– Krissy G



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