Ohhhh The Temptation!!!!!

I sure could go for a good steak!!! Or some smothered fried Pork Chops!!!! With some some creamy mashed potatoes loaded with butter, cheese, sour cream and TONS of bacon…………..but I CAN’T!!!!!!! (***begins whining and crying***) Lol! I just wanted to come on and encourage myself today. First I want to say I am very proud of my journey thus far because I am seeing some results!!! Usually when that happens I start to waver a little and end up indulging too much and have to start all over again but I believe I have the strength to keep going. And you do too!!! Put that juicy, greasy, delicious(lol) cheeseburger down and make a smoothie. Swap out that beef for turkey or chicken!!! Spuce up your salad instead of McDonald’s. Park a little further than usual and get some steps in. We will make it!!! I’ll post some comparison pics on my instagram (asreal_asitgets1210). Keep walking in your Queendom/Kingdom!!!!

– Krissy G



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