How do you get over somebody that you planned your future with in your mind?  How do you make it work with somebody that had different view points as you? How do you get that person to understand your view point? How do you heal from a broken heart? How do you get your life back? How do you make someone see how much you really love them when they can’t understand you? How do you know if someone really loved you? How can you grow with a person that is not on the same path as you? How could someone that you thought would be your forever hurt you so deeply? How do to hold your head high after pain in spite of the “I told you so’s”? How do you continue with life after losing someone that’s been there for so long? How do you stop crying? How do you explain this to your children? How do you make sense of it? How did things end up like this? How could you say this is ALL my fault? How do you make it right? How do you stop loving someone? How do I go on?

The truth is…..I don’t know how….I just know this stuff hurts and I need to vent….

– Krissy G

5 thoughts on “HOW SWAY? HOW?

  1. You simply take it one day at a time and find peace in knowing you tried your hardest to make it work. Healing is a process it’s like learning to walk again!

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