Detox…It’s not just for the Body….

In my post about manifestation, I talked about how to inspire yourself subliminally, consciously, and subconsciously. I also mentioned how difficult this can be sometimes because it can be so easy to be negative. Well I’ve determined that the reason negativity attracts to you and is so hard to get away from is because it’s so deeply embedded in you. At some point you have to Detox. Now I know that it has been very popular to detox for physical health and weight loss, but that’s not what I’m referring to here. If you are looking for some good detox recipes, The 54Health Team has some really good ones listed here, called Top 50 Detox Water Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss. But I am speaking on a spiritual and mental level. Impure thoughts can consume your mind to the point that you become addicted to it. It feels the most natural. One way to begin your detox, and it may sound a little cliché’, is to separate yourself from negative people. We all know the saying, “Misery Loves Company”. This is beyond true. You know how it is when you are down and depress and the last thing you want to hear is positivity. You almost want to vomit when hearing someone speak life into your dying soul. You would rather settle for someone to feed your addiction to the negativity, but in order for rehabilitation to begin you must detox. It’s not fun or easy and very hard to go through but it has to happen. It can be difficult to cut these type of people off because it’s almost as if they can just smell the misery on you like a hound and pop up. From this point forward, whenever you see them coming or calling, before they can even speak just tell them, “I’m Detoxing” and keep it moving. Next you want to surround yourself with positive people who are on the same path as you. If you want to be happy, befriend someone who appears to be happy all the time and walks around like everything smells like flowers and peaches. If you are looking to start a business, surround yourself with other like-minded individuals. If you trying to be a nicer person, find some nicer friends. Learn from these people, figure out their secrets to success, find out how they are able to keep smiling and going. You especially want to find someone who will hold you accountable. Someone that once they notice old patterns and behaviors and will catch you slipping and will not be afraid to call you out on it because they love you. A person that you feel comfortable doing this for you. This can be a friend, a parent, your kids, your spouse/partner, a teacher, whoever. I know there is someone who you uphold some type of respect for that you will strive to never disappoint. With detoxing your soul, you have to find strength and face your demons. No I’m not talking about negative people. I’m referring to the demon in you. The one you look at everyday in the mirror. You have to dig deep to your core to those things from your childhood that have affected your lifestyle today. Those things that you have done to yourself. Those insecurities that cause you to hate yourself. Demons equal death and weakness. The only thing to defeat them is to show strength and speak life. In order to truly begin to love yourself unapologetically, you have to detox. On this journey of evolution, there will be frustrating, weak moments. It’s ok to let it out, however you may need to, cry out, scream to yourself, sleep, whatever. Just let it out and keep going. After detoxification comes rehabilitation. After that is the best part of all……HEALING! So the next time you are craving negativity and it tries to tempt you, just remember to be strong and say, “I’m Detoxing”.

– Krissy G

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