What’s on Your Bucket List?

Do you have a bucket list? Do you have some things that you’ve always wanted to do? What about places that you’ve always wanted to visit? Maybe a restaurant that you’ve wanted to try? It doesn’t have to be anything major. It doesn’t even have to be some extravagant place around the world. It may be a local attraction right in your hometown that you’ve known about but never went. Well, starting today I’m building my bucket list. On this journey to loving myself I want to treat myself to new experiences, and you should too! I took the time to research some of the things that have intrigued me over the years. So below I will be sharing the first 5 things on my bucket list…..because I’m sure it will get longer!!

1. Unexpected Road Trip…..Well not so much Unexpected!

200412179-001So let me explain what I mean. I’ve always wanted to hop up and pack my bags and just hit the road and follow the wind. Now back when I didn’t have any responsibilities I would have loved to have this moment be more random but since things are a little different now and I have my daughter I guess it would have to be an unexpected plan or unexpected destination. However it may happen, it’s going down!!!!

2. Pose for the camera now, FLICK FLICK FLICK!!!!


I LOVE the art of photography. It amazes how people don’t really print pictures anymore. Everything can be done from your phone but it is a plus because you can immediately share your pictures. I enjoy the benefits of both. I have so many pictures stored in my phone but I also love professional photography. I’ve always wanted to learn more about how to do it. The details of the lighting and positioning and pixels and graphics!!!!!!!! I’ve learned that it doesn’t take much to take a class so that will be one thing that I look forward to doing. On the flip side, I also want to do an actually photo shoot. Like get done up and get risky and have my pictures taken. I can’t wait!!!!

3. Take My First REAL Vacation In My Adult Life


Yes….its true. I’ll be 30 this year and I’ve never really been on a real vacation. Growing up my family would drive for hours to visit extended family in Georgia or Florida and I’ve been to the regulars for a Michigander like Cedar Point, Six Flags, or Great Wolf Lodge. I’ve also been to New York when I was younger and once in college but for a shopping trip but most of my travel experiences were to visit family in the country because someone passed away or for school trips to sing or our annual church youth trip. Now that I think about it, I think I’ve been to Disney World Florida before but I was too young to remember. But I’ve never planned a vacation….as an adult….without family….for fun….to just go and explore on my own. THIS will be happening ASAP!!!

4. Sky Diving!!!!


Yes please!!!! It just look so free and daring. I mean what else can you really say about sky diving???? Look how exhilarating it appears!!!! I just have to work up the nerves. Maybe I’ll try the indoor option first. LOL!

5. “To be or not to be? That is the question!”

Well, if you’ve caught on already then you know that my next goal is to audition for a play. It doesn’t even have to be a big production but anyone that truly knows me know that my ultimate plan when I graduated high school was to haul-tail it to New York City to be on Broadway!!!! I wanted it all. It wasn’t even about trying to be famous(maybe a little…hehe) but just to perform you know? At this point I just want to be apart so that I can said I did it.

So what do you think of my first 5 bucket list goals? They may seem a little over the top but I have some more simple goals on my list that I may share another time. What are some things on your bucket lists? Don’t have a bucket list? Start one today!!! Let me know in the comments. Let’s get like Nike and “Just Do It!!!”


– Krissy G


6 thoughts on “What’s on Your Bucket List?

  1. I love all those things on your bucket list except for the sky-diving. You can let us know how that goes when you do it. LOL! Your list has most of the things I would also like to do. We have a lot of similarities here. I wish you get to do all the things in life you dream of doing and much more.

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