You Are The Problem

There! I said it! You’re sitting around depressed and complaining about why things aren’t happening for you. You’re upset because things don’t seem to be working out for you. You continue to find all the reason why you CAN’T do the things you put your mind to. You’re making all of these excuses as to why you won’t achieve your goals. Meanwhile, yesterday is long gone, today is almost over and the days are swiftly passing by. Every day you are given a chance to accomplish something but you waste each opportunity. The only problem that is in your way keeping you from achieving your goals is YOU. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!! At this point all of the Dreams you have are just that……DREAMS!!! Never to become a reality. You have been conditioned by this microwave society and you want everything instant and right now. Well, unless you become some random lucky person who hits the lottery or get involved in a huge lawsuit, it will NEVER happen over night. I know we live in a social media society with all of these “over night sensations” but if you take the time and research you’ll discover that even their success was not as instant as you think. A prime example, if you search for people like Supa Cent, Eastside Ivo, Wayne Colley or King Bach, when these people got popular it appeared as if they came out of no where but this is so far from true. Take a look back at their history. They have had thousands of videos before they finally got that one break that got noticed and from that point everything took off. Now don’t get me wrong there are some people who have popped up with some random crazes like the “Damn Daniel” or all of these #challenges, but where are they now??? Easy come, easy go. The people I’ve shared and many others have worked hard to present themselves to the world and have managed to solidify themselves. Even though they started from small videos they have grown into actual super stars accomplishing big dreams. And here you are, sitting there complaining but not working toward anything. You may as well just keep dreaming because all you’re doing is sleeping on yourself. The good thing is, as much as you are the problem, you are also the solution. If you really want what you’ve always dreamed about, then it’s time to WAKE UP!!!

– Krissy G


solution to your problem

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