Let it Be!!!!

You know when you start on a project, and you keep picking with it and changing things and moving things around and can never just let it be? Well over the past couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of updates to UGLY Forever and although I was satisfied with how things were looking, I kept nit-picking at it. Over the weekend I was playing around with some things on my phone with the blog and ended up completely deleting ALL of the hard work that I had put into this blog over this entire time!!!! I was HEATED!!!!! But then I realized that if I would have just let it be for a while then it would not have happened. Sometimes you have to just take the roast out of the oven, meaning that instead of poking at it and adding more seasoning  or more broth on top and its been done for hours while everyone is sitting around starving, just take it out and feed the people what they need. I had gotten so focused on making everything perfect when I really should be more focused on getting my content out to the world. We all do this. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with making sure things are the way you want them to be but just be careful because you can end up loosing it all and having to start over again. If you have a story to tell then tell it. It may not be perfect but at least you will be feeding the masses. If you’ve only lost 10lbs but your goal is 15lbs, celebrate yourself for the progress you’ve made so far and share with the world as you continue. Don’t wait because there may be someone inspired by the point you’ve just made it to. I’m not saying to just give up on bettering yourself but to realize how much freedom there is in not caring so much. The truth is nobody or nothing will ever be perfect so stop beating yourself up and picking yourself apart and just LET IT BE!! Celebrate your journey thus far and encourage others. There’s a lady that I have been following  a long time on YouTube by the name of Tanisha Ronay and throughout her journey she has encountered tons of obstacles but she continued to press forward and walk in her destiny. Currently she has begun a weekly Periscope Broadcast called “The Special Occasion” where she is encouraging others to believe and know that YOU are a Special Occasion RIGHT NOW! Stop trying to perfect everything! Stop waiting on the right opportunity to put on those new shoes! Stop waiting for a certain holiday to go to that restaurant! Do it now because YOU are beautiful in God’s Eyes! Do it now because YOU are the right opportunity! Do it now because YOU are the holiday! YOU ARE THE SPECIAL OCCASION!!! If you don’t take the time to love yourself right now, all of your hard work on this journey will be in vain and you will never be satisfied. On this day I challenge you to just let it be!!!!


– Krissy G


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