Exercise???? YIKES!!!!


1…TUBBY TUBBY….2….TUBBY TUBBY….3 TUBBY TUBBY!!!!!! Ahhhhh yes…..excercise!!!! Many will say that working out isn’t as difficult when it comes to physical health as it is to change your eating habits. And I can most certainly agree that this is true. Food addiction is a hell of an addiction. I believe it’s worst than any other addiction you could have. Think about it. No matter what, food is always easily accessible, whether its healthy or unhealthy. For most places, especially in america, the unhealthiest options are way more available and feasible. You literally have to reprogram you mind, habits, time and even WALLET to eat healthy. I will be the first to admit that I love food. Professional Foodie right here!!! (lol) “Hi my name is Krissy G, and I am addicted to good food.” It was never really a problem for me to go to the gym when I embarked on my healthy journeys before, I just couldn’t seem to stay on a successful eating regimen. Now I have gotten to a point of completely changing my eating lifestyle and have managed to stick to it. (Click Here to see what I’ve been doing.) However, I haven’t had the thrive to get active. Well this week I am challenging myself to get up and move.  I am seeing results but I know that by implementing some activities this will only get better. I’ll be sure to update my social media to show my progress. Make sure you’re following and Join me why don’t ya!!!!


– Krissy G

“Love Yourself from Inside Out”


2 thoughts on “Exercise???? YIKES!!!!

  1. I agree, food addiction is very difficult. Not only is it easily accessible, like you say, but with other addictions such as alcohol or drugs etc. While I’ve no doubt it’s just as hard to give up, it’s not something you need to sustain yourself. You have the option with those to go ‘cold turkey’ as they say, you can’t exactly give up eating altogether.

    Glad you’re seeing changes! Keep up the good work 😊

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