The Power of YET

I could not wait to get here today because of how much inspiration I received over the weekend. In my recent post, Don’t Give Up, I spoke about how I wanted to give up and just say forget everything that I am trying to accomplish for myself right now. Although I was able to encourage myself to keep going, there was still some doubt in the back of my mind. Well on Friday I went to pick my daughter up from school there was a little yellow flyer on the counter in the school’s front office that caught my attention. It was titled “The Power of YET” and it said the following:

“I don’t get it.”

“I can’t do this.”

   “This doesn’t work.”

Take a deep breath. Go for a short stroll.

Then add a “yet” to the end of your sentence.

“I don’t get it, YET”

“I can’t do this, YET”

   “This doesn’t work, YET”

This truly blew my mind!! Something so simple completely changed my viewpoint on so many things. We as people are so quick to say what we CAN’T and WON’T do and the advice that is always given is say the opposite like the CAN’s and WILL’s but this is not always easy to do. So by simply adding a YET to the end of your sentence you are giving yourself an extra boost of hope. I look at it like this, when we tell ourselves “I CAN do this”, it is definitely positive but for me I automatically begin to think on an immediate level causing myself to feel that it should happen right away. Since it doesn’t work out that way I revert back to the negatives and start to think “Ok, maybe I can’t”, but when I simply put a YET at the end it gives me a different outlook on what I’m trying to accomplish. It reminds me that things don’t happen overnight and I have to keep moving towards it. I know that I have goals that I want to accomplish and I know that I CAN do it but there is still some self-doubt there. But saying that I have goals that I haven’t accomplished YET lets me know that I have work to do and prepares me to go for it. You may want to say forget it but don’t give in just YET. Have some patience and keep persevering. You’re not finished YET!!!  YET pretty much paints a picture in my mind of the end result if I keep going. To make it plain, when going on a road trip, if the person with you continues to ask “Are we there?” over and over and over again, it would make you feel like the ride is never going to end. BUT if they were asking “Are we there YET?” continuously, that YET let’s you know that there is a finish line coming soon!!! Whatever you are striving for, whatever your goal may be, whatever you’re trying to accomplish, no matter how big or how small, Keep pushing, you’re not finished…..YET!! Doesn’t that make you feel better!!!! I know I do!!! It just makes me feel like there’s more to come and what person in their right mind wouldn’t want MORE!!!!


 – Krissy G


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