Feeling Myself

Something is happening inside of me and I love it!!!! There was once a time that I couldn’t even stand to look in the mirror. Looking at myself caused so much pain. It was deeper than the outer appearance. I had gotten to the point that I didn’t even recognize who I was. When I would see myself, it caused so much hurt because all I could see was a person that I couldn’t bring myself to love. I had gone through so many things that the only view of myself was seeing the times I’ve been cheated on, the scars from being abused, the times I was raped, the times I was molested, the times I was told how fat I was, the scars from being told that someone was prettier than me, the negative comments that I’ve told myself, the years of pain, the hurt from being unaccepted, failure….I could go on and on. I had begun to not even really look in the mirror at who I truly was. I would look past myself never making eye contact. Well through encouraging myself through my blog, I have managed to reconnect with Krissy again. I was also inspired by fellow upcoming blogger Kai Carr, Lyfe: Living vs. Dying: Loving yourself 101 (Check her out….very powerful reads). I began to take time and actually see myself in the mirror everyday. I had to face my demons. In the beginning it was hard and literally brought me to tears because I didn’t think that I was beautiful. After battling to get over the hurt, I eventually was able to really check myself out and I have to say that I’m not too bad!!!! lol Sometimes you have to take the time and face your biggest enemy…..yourself! You have to heal and begin to fall in love with the person you see everyday in the mirror. This is a celebration for me and I want you to celebrate with me!!!!! What I want you to do today is take some selfies and go over to UGLY Forever on Facebook and find this post. In the comments leave those selfies and lets celebrate self-love!!!! Take the time to share those pics on your social media with the hashtag #FeelingMyselfEveryday and let’s start a movement!!!!! You are beautiful Just the way you are!!!!! If you decide to check out Kai’s blog, let her know I sent you!!!!


– Krissy G

The Many Faces of Krissy G!!!!!!!!!



17 thoughts on “Feeling Myself

  1. I can totally relate to what you’ve been through. Even I have come a long way in loving myself. From hating myself to walking tall has been tough. You’re such a beautiful person. Just a lovable person whose posts I love reading. There are people love you and there are a billion cells inside your body that only care for your well being. Honey, love yourself look at the mirror and you will see a beautiful face . A face of a fighter , a survivor. Stay blessed darling ❤️

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  2. You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We are our own worst enemies, sad but true. But I think the most beautiful people are the ones with the most scars. They, like yourself, are warriors. And warriors who have walked through fire to get where they are now, can truly appreciate the blessings in their life currently. Way to go you !!!

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