Go Fund Me

People create GoFundMe’s for Beyonce tickets……I just want to follow my dreams. My name is Krissy G and I’m just a Detroit girl working to become a big deal!!!! I have dreams of starting a movement that will help people achieve their dreams. I pray for a world of hurt souls to one day be able to give them just an ounce of hope that everything will be ok. I dream of inspiring other women to realize their power. I hope to one day influence young girls to never give up no matter what life hands you.

Motivator, Self-Love Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, Rape Victim Support, Women’s Empowerment, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Hygiene, Physical Health, Mental Health, Spiritual Health, Mother’s Support!!!!!

Since starting my blog I’ve be contacted by different women who share my same story and expressing how I’ve touched them. I have hope of opening a facility that will give these type of women a place to come and be pampered, to get resources, to bring their children so they can have a break, I want to provide so many outlets but I have very limited funding!!!! This would mean everything to me to have your support in building this movement!!!

I’ve created different ways to show your support. If you can find in your heart to give to the cause, whether it’s purchasing a shirt, donating, saying a prayer for me, or just spreading the word I would be beyond appreciative!!!!

If you believe in my movement please support by clicking the following links!!!!


Facebook Page

Following my Dreams



– Krissy G


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