You’re Pretty Dope!!!

You have someone really special. Someone that is truly irreplaceable. You have someone who can never ever be duplicated. This person is so valuable that there is no amount that could equate to their worth. They’re not perfect but because of their authenticity they’re priceless. You will never find anyone like them. People may try to recreate them but they will never get anything more than just a poor imitation. This person is LIMITED EDITION. So limited that it’s only one!! You have this precious person right in your possession and didn’t even know it. Do you know what I talking about? I’ll give you a hint, you see them every time you look in the mirror. You sleep with them every night. If you haven’t figured it out by know, I’m talking about YOU. And I think you’re kinda DOPE!! The human body has 95 to 100 billion neurons or nerve cells. The brain alone has at least 85 billion of these cells, although estimates go as high as 1 trillion. There’s an estimated 37.2 Trillion Cells in Your Body. What’s amazing about these facts is that every single person in this world has roughly the same amount of cells but EVERYBODY’S CELLS ARE UNIQUELY DIFFERENT. People may have similarities and things in common but there is only one you. And you are all you got. The reality is you came in this world by yourself and when you leave this earth you’ll be all alone so why waste time tearing yourself apart and not being who you truly are. So what if people don’t like you. The better question is, do YOU like you? It’s not important if people aren’t satisfied with who you are, are YOU satisfied? Everyday that you wake up, you should always be challenging yourself to be better than you were yesterday. You are your only competition. The more you grow, you should always be trying to learn more and more about yourself in your growth. You should be constantly open to learn and expand your mind and exposing yourself to new things. How could you possibly hate yourself? You should be amazed that no matter how much you may search there is no one on this earth that can be you, all the way down to your fingerprints. You can buy new clothes. You can get a new car. You can get a new haircut. But you can NEVER get another YOU!! You can never be replaced. So take the time to fall in love with everything about yourself, flaws and all, and trust you’re dopeness because I think YOU’RE PRETTY FREAKING AMAZING!!!!

“It’s better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for something you aren’t.”

– Andre Gide





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