Have you Started your Bucket List?

A little while ago I shared the first 5 things on my bucket list. I also challenged you and myself to start or continue a bucket list and to begin to go after those things. Well today I bring to you the first 5 places on my travel bucket list!!!! It’s a HUGE world out there and […]

You’ve Changed…But Are You Evolving?

If you search for the definition of Change you will find that it is the act or instance of making or becoming different or the substitution of one thing for another. For example, a change of venue. Some synonyms are exchange, substitution, swap, switch, changeover, replacement. When searching for Evolve it showed me that it means develop […]

Don’t Hate on My Chocolate!!!!

So I was scrolling along on Facebook and I came across a post that said “Only black people act like ‘light skinned’ and ‘dark skinned’ are two different races.” This caused a chuckle because of how true this is. Now we have come a long way but it still saddens me because even with the […]