In Love with an Addict…..

***Inside the Mind of Krissy G…………………*** Do you know how it feels to be in love with someone addicted to drugs? Do you know how it feels to have children with this person? Do you know how it feels to “look the other way” because this person is trying to hide what they are doing? […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Today marks the first day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I will forever stand for this cause. There are so many women and men filled with embarrassment and continue to make excuses for the people who inflict this type of pain upon them. Some people are blind to that fact that they have even become a victim […]

Go Fund Me

People create GoFundMe’s for Beyonce tickets……I just want to follow my dreams. My name is Krissy G and I’m just a Detroit girl working to become a big deal!!!! I have dreams of starting a movement that will help people achieve their dreams. I pray for a world of hurt souls to one day be able to […]

It’s Ok to Be Human

I remember a few years ago I was working for a bank as a teller. Our hours were Monday-Thursday 9-5pm, Fridays 9-6pm, and Saturday 9-2pm. This particular bank had a rule that although we had a set close time we would keep the doors unlocked for an additional 10 minutes for any people who may […]

It’s been a while………

……..but I’m back like I never left. I needed to take some time and reflect on some things. Life has been coming at me pretty hard and it had become very overwhelming. I realized that sometimes you just need a break, and its okay to take one. I felt as though I was just running through […]

Insane in the Brain!!!

I searched for the definition of insanity and I found that it is a severe mental illness or something that is very foolish or unreasonable. I looked in the urban dictionary and it said that insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Now I’ve always known these definitions but […]