I Was Raped…..

…..Let’s talk about it. It was the summer of year 2000 and I was 13-years-old. Around this point in life it seemed like all the little scrawny boys in the neighborhood were all trying to see how many girls they could “get freaky” with throughout the summer. Well I was pretty developed for my age […]

Who is God?

I came across a YouTube video by the shamelessly famous Maya Washington, otherwise known as Shameless Maya. In the video, titled “Do You Believe in God?”,she discussed her journey with religion growing up and the many struggles she is dealing with as a woman as far as her beliefs and what’s true and not true to her […]


How do you get over somebody that you planned your future with in your mind?  How do you make it work with somebody that had different view points as you? How do you get that person to understand your view point? How do you heal from a broken heart? How do you get your life […]