Don’t Give Up

Over this weekend I almost got to the point of throwing in the towel. Everyday I push and strive to keep a smile on my face but the reality is everything around me is just not the best. Sure I have a job but I am still struggling to pay bills. Sure I have a […]

What if You Died today???

Good Day Loves!!! Today’s Post will be a little different. My Nephew shared an illustrated story with me over this holiday weekend and it really touched me so I’ve decided to share it here. Below you will find the actual story itself written by Andy Weir. At the end I’ll attach the link of the illustrated […]


Do you know how it feels to be around your family and having to hold back who you truly are because you will be judged? Do you know how it feels to be in a relationship with someone and you try to express yourself and its overlooked? Do you know how it feels to have […]

Let it Be!!!!

You know when you start on a project, and you keep picking with it and changing things and moving things around and can never just let it be? Well over the past couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of updates to UGLY Forever and although I was satisfied with how things were […]

You Are The Problem

There! I said it! You’re sitting around depressed and complaining about why things aren’t happening for you. You’re upset because things don’t seem to be working out for you. You continue to find all the reason why you CAN’T do the things you put your mind to. You’re making all of these excuses as to […]

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Do you have a bucket list? Do you have some things that you’ve always wanted to do? What about places that you’ve always wanted to visit? Maybe a restaurant that you’ve wanted to try? It doesn’t have to be anything major. It doesn’t even have to be some extravagant place around the world. It may be a local attraction right in your hometown that you’ve known about but never went. Well, starting today I’m building my bucket list. On this journey to loving myself I want to treat myself to new experiences, and you should too! I took the time to research some of the things that have intrigued me over the years. So below I will be sharing the first 5 things on my bucket list…..because I’m sure it will get longer!!


Why is Friday so far from Monday but Monday is so close to Friday? I’ve wondered this question all of my life. The weekend always seems to go by so fast and that dreaded day comes back around again. You guessed it…..MONDAY!!!! Sometimes I wish we could just have one more day to just sleep […]

Manifesting Your Destiny

Manifestation ….what is it? Does it really work? How do you do it? For some, manifesting isn’t something new. To sum it up, whatever you put in the atmosphere is bound to happen. People say to be careful what you speak into existence because the tongue is a powerful weapon. If I could just be honest, […]

Life VS Death – It’s Your Choice

Have you ever known a person that every time you spoke to them something was ALWAYS wrong? Nothing is ever going right in their lives. It could be a bright, sunny, beautiful day. Not too hot with a cool breeze blowing through that person’s hair as the birds sing beautiful praises that specifically lands upon […]

Do you remember me?????

So many people are in these moments of trying to be a new version of themselves. Leaving the old behind. I like to call it evolving. If this is where you are in life…CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m proud of your perseverance but this post is not for you. Although I am on a journey to a new […]