U.G.L.Y Forever Apparel!!!

Yes!!! You read it right. U.G.L.Y Forever Apparel has arrived!!!!! After some time of thinking things over I decided to present some pieces that I have fallen in love with!!!! If you would like to represent the movement Click Here!!!!!! Peace – Krissy G                           […]

The Power of YET

I could not wait to get here today because of how much inspiration I received over the weekend. In my recent post, Don’t Give Up, I spoke about how I wanted to give up and just say forget everything that I am trying to accomplish for myself right now. Although I was able to encourage myself […]

Have you Started your Bucket List?

A little while ago I shared the first 5 things on my bucket list. I also challenged you and myself to start or continue a bucket list and to begin to go after those things. Well today I bring to you the first 5 places on my travel bucket list!!!! It’s a HUGE world out there and […]

Don’t Give Up

Over this weekend I almost got to the point of throwing in the towel. Everyday I push and strive to keep a smile on my face but the reality is everything around me is just not the best. Sure I have a job but I am still struggling to pay bills. Sure I have a […]

Liebster Award Nomination!!!!

I am happy to announce that I was nominated for the Liebster Award and I gladly accept!!!! I was nominated by the lovely Simply.Fernanda. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider me. Well, we have a lot to do here so Let’s Get U.G.L.Y!!!!!!! 11 Facts about Krissy G:  1: Me and […]

Love Yourself From Inside Out

Good Day Loves!!!! I just wanted to share some research pictures that I’ve discovered and implemented into my new lifestyle and to provide a little encouragement. Save a few for future references and share with others. Always remember to keep it U.G.L.Y!!!! Peace – Krissy G “Love Yourself From Inside Out”   **I do not […]

Exercise???? YIKES!!!!

1…TUBBY TUBBY….2….TUBBY TUBBY….3 TUBBY TUBBY!!!!!! Ahhhhh yes…..excercise!!!! Many will say that working out isn’t as difficult when it comes to physical health as it is to change your eating habits. And I can most certainly agree that this is true. Food addiction is a hell of an addiction. I believe it’s worst than any other addiction […]

Let it Be!!!!

You know when you start on a project, and you keep picking with it and changing things and moving things around and can never just let it be? Well over the past couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of updates to UGLY Forever and although I was satisfied with how things were […]