Why is Friday so far from Monday but Monday is so close to Friday? I’ve wondered this question all of my life. The weekend always seems to go by so fast and that dreaded day comes back around again. You guessed it…..MONDAY!!!! Sometimes I wish we could just have one more day to just sleep […]

Manifesting Your Destiny

Manifestation ….what is it? Does it really work? How do you do it? For some, manifesting isn’t something new. To sum it up, whatever you put in the atmosphere is bound to happen. People say to be careful what you speak into existence because the tongue is a powerful weapon. If I could just be honest, […]

Life VS Death – It’s Your Choice

Have you ever known a person that every time you spoke to them something was ALWAYS wrong? Nothing is ever going right in their lives. It could be a bright, sunny, beautiful day. Not too hot with a cool breeze blowing through that person’s hair as the birds sing beautiful praises that specifically lands upon […]