Let it Be!!!!

You know when you start on a project, and you keep picking with it and changing things and moving things around and can never just let it be? Well over the past couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of updates to UGLY Forever and although I was satisfied with how things were […]

You Are The Problem

There! I said it! You’re sitting around depressed and complaining about why things aren’t happening for you. You’re upset because things don’t seem to be working out for you. You continue to find all the reason why you CAN’T do the things you put your mind to. You’re making all of these excuses as to […]

Detox…It’s not just for the Body….

In my post about manifestation, I talked about how to inspire yourself subliminally, consciously, and subconsciously. I also mentioned how difficult this can be sometimes because it can be so easy to be negative. Well I’ve determined that the reason negativity attracts to you and is so hard to get away from is because it’s […]

Who is God?

I came across a YouTube video by the shamelessly famous Maya Washington, otherwise known as Shameless Maya. In the video, titled “Do You Believe in God?”,she discussed her journey with religion growing up and the many struggles she is dealing with as a woman as far as her beliefs and what’s true and not true to her […]


How do you get over somebody that you planned your future with in your mind?  How do you make it work with somebody that had different view points as you? How do you get that person to understand your view point? How do you heal from a broken heart? How do you get your life […]

Ohhhh The Temptation!!!!!

I sure could go for a good steak!!! Or some smothered fried Pork Chops!!!! With some some creamy mashed potatoes loaded with butter, cheese, sour cream and TONS of bacon…………..but I CAN’T!!!!!!! (***begins whining and crying***) Lol! I just wanted to come on and encourage myself today. First I want to say I am very proud of […]


Why is Friday so far from Monday but Monday is so close to Friday? I’ve wondered this question all of my life. The weekend always seems to go by so fast and that dreaded day comes back around again. You guessed it…..MONDAY!!!! Sometimes I wish we could just have one more day to just sleep […]

You’ve Changed…But Are You Evolving?

If you search for the definition of Change you will find that it is the act or instance of making or becoming different or the substitution of one thing for another. For example, a change of venue. Some synonyms are exchange, substitution, swap, switch, changeover, replacement. When searching for Evolve it showed me that it means develop […]