Let Me Explain……

Ok honestly, I don’t have any excuses…..I just completely fell off of my healthy journey. During my brief hiatus, which I explain HERE, I had completely lost all motivation with the healthy lifestyle changes that I had started to make and was doing so well with. However, being that I can only Keep it UGLY, […]

It’s been a while………

……..but I’m back like I never left. I needed to take some time and reflect on some things. Life has been coming at me pretty hard and it had become very overwhelming. I realized that sometimes you just need a break, and its okay to take one. I felt as though I was just running through […]

Love Yourself From Inside Out

Good Day Loves!!!! I just wanted to share some research pictures that I’ve discovered and implemented into my new lifestyle and to provide a little encouragement. Save a few for future references and share with others. Always remember to keep it U.G.L.Y!!!! Peace – Krissy G “Love Yourself From Inside Out”   **I do not […]

Exercise???? YIKES!!!!

1…TUBBY TUBBY….2….TUBBY TUBBY….3 TUBBY TUBBY!!!!!! Ahhhhh yes…..excercise!!!! Many will say that working out isn’t as difficult when it comes to physical health as it is to change your eating habits. And I can most certainly agree that this is true. Food addiction is a hell of an addiction. I believe it’s worst than any other addiction […]


Alright….I know some of you may be looking like WTH!!! And others may have already heard as this has been around for years but this stuff  can work miracles. Now if you paid attention in biology then you know that Chlorophyll collects light from the sun to make energy in plants and it gives plants their beautiful […]

Detox…It’s not just for the Body….

In my post about manifestation, I talked about how to inspire yourself subliminally, consciously, and subconsciously. I also mentioned how difficult this can be sometimes because it can be so easy to be negative. Well I’ve determined that the reason negativity attracts to you and is so hard to get away from is because it’s […]

Ohhhh The Temptation!!!!!

I sure could go for a good steak!!! Or some smothered fried Pork Chops!!!! With some some creamy mashed potatoes loaded with butter, cheese, sour cream and TONS of bacon…………..but I CAN’T!!!!!!! (***begins whining and crying***) Lol! I just wanted to come on and encourage myself today. First I want to say I am very proud of […]

Becoming a QUEEN/KING in 2016!!

This will be a quick post!! As I go through this journey I want to begin a new series called Becoming a QUEEN/KING in 2016. I invite you to join me on this road. One of my first goals is weight loss/a healthier lifestyle. Every week I plan to start feeding my body with healthier […]